John Mayer Opens Up About His Grief After Losing Bob Saget

It’s never easy to lose someone, especially if it is a dear friend. John Mayer took to Instagram to honor his closest friend, comedian and Full House star Bob Saget who lost his life after a head trauma last year after one of his stand-up shows in Florida.

“One year ago today, we lost Bob Saget,” Mayer wrote in the caption of his IG post. “I loved that guy. I love saying, ‘I loved that guy.’ Soon after he left us, I couldn’t finish those three words without falling apart, but now I say them with all the simplicity and complexity that love itself entails. I knew he was otherworldly while he was here.”

The singer continued, “Every moment we spent together was the stuff of old Hollywood magic, of dinners and drinks and stories and laughs and memories you knew were cutting deep grooves into your soul as the lathe was turning. Grief is a journey, and it’s a profound trip that someone you lose takes as well; they leave the space around you and slowly climb a staircase to find a space within you.”

Further reflecting on the hole Saget left after his passing, John Mayer added, “I miss him all the time, but those memories? They’re solid objects. And today, we’ll take them out, hold them, trade them and remember how much Bob Saget meant to us. I loved that guy, and I always will.”

During an interview with Chicks in the Office in 2019, the late comedian talked about how the pair’s friendship had blossomed. Saget had revealed he was a fan of Mayer’s work and had reached out to the musician for his scleroderma benefit.

Although Mayer couldn’t attend the event, he sent a video of him playing one of his favorite tracks, which was the beginning of a tight-knit friendship. After Saget’s devastating passing, Mayer organized a private plane to fly Saget’s body back to California and was also a pallbearer at the funeral. Rest in peace, Bob Saget.

Photo Credit: John Mayer – Instagram