Marilyn Manson’s Wife Lindsay Breaks IG Silence After The Sexual Abuse Allegations And Celebrates Their Anniversary

The successful photographer Lindsay Usich, who’s also known as Marilyn Manson’s wife, recently posted a series of photos on her Instagram stories and showed her support for her husband by celebrating their one-year anniversary.

Lindsay and Marilyn met around 2010 and she was the artist credited for the cover art of Manson’s 2012 album, Born Villain. Soon after the release of the album, it was revealed that the two were romantically involved and although in 2015 Manson said that he was single, the couple got married privately after the outbreak of Covid-19.

In September 2021, Dan Clearly who used to work as a keyboard tech for Manson’s touring crew opened up about his experiences working with the musician. He said that Manson abused his now-wife Lindsay Usich when she was working for him in 2014 and 2015. Clearly said that he personally saw Manson throw things at her, physically abuse her and threaten to kill her.

Although this news fell like a bombshell on top of the ongoing sexual allegations, Lindsay refused to answer any questions or partake in this discussion. In fact, both Manson and Lindsay stopped using their social media accounts and it has been months since either posted something.

Just some hours ago, Lindsay surprised her fans by posting a series of photos on her Instagram account. She posted five photos, four of which depicted the romantic setting that the couple has been in for the past months. One of the photos was of Lindsay herself, who credited her husband for taking the photo and celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Although she didn’t clearly speak about the physiological, physical, and verbal abuse allegations directed at her husband or the ones including her name, the fact that she posted a photo to celebrate her wedding anniversary with Marilyn Manson and wrote ‘I love you,’ hinted that she’s on her husband’s side.

You can check out the photo that Lindsay Usich posted on her Instagram Stories below.