John Lydon Thinks Trump Will Win Again: ‘He’s Awful But Not Senile’

John Lydon has thrown his support behind Donald Trump for the upcoming U.S. presidential election, as stated in a recent interview with the Financial Times.

The singer confidently declared his belief that Trump would win the next presidential election, saying:

“It’ll be Donald Trump. That’s who I’ll vote for. He’s awful but not senile. When he was in, he lowered unemployment, never started a war, and gave people an opportunity to earn.”

The Anarchist In Politics

In an August 2023 conversation with Far Out, Lydon spoke more about his admiration for Trump, dubbing him the ‘Sex Pistols of politics.’ He expressed his disdain for politicians in general, except for Trump, whom he views as an outsider who disrupted the political norm. Lydon appreciated Trump’s clear departure from traditional politics, explaining:

“I’m anti-politicians, and I always have been. Every single one of them is a liar. This is where my love for [Donald] Trump comes from; he was not a politician at all in any way. And he threw an anarchistic spanner in the works and shook them all up.”

The host continued by asking if Lydon had really labeled Trump as ‘an anarchist,’ to which the rocker detailed his statement further, adding:

“I have, haven’t I? The Sex Pistols of politics, yeah! Fantastic, fantastic! And, oddly enough, and it has to be said: he did wonders for this country. Unemployment down, f*cking no wars, wow. Wage earnings became a serious possibility, fantastic.”

Lydon’s Continued Support

Further reinforcing his stance, Lydon recalled his decision to vote for Trump in the 2020 presidential election during an appearance on Good Morning Britain. He praised Trump for speaking to the concerns of working-class people and criticized the left-wing for being out of touch with the general population. Despite challenging questions about Trump’s global conduct, Lydon remained unwavering in his support, citing Trump as the ‘only hope’ for many Americans.

Lydon did not hold back in his critique of the current administration led by the Democratic Party. He accused them of undoing Trump’s achievements and negatively impacting the country’s welfare, expressing disappointment with the direction in which the U.S. is headed under Joe Biden’s leadership.