John Lydon Defends Donald Trump For A Sex Pistols Related Reason

John Lydon recently spoke to Far Out and revealed why Donald Trump was the ‘Sex Pistols of politics.’

Lydon was discussing Public Image Ltd.’s latest album, ‘End of World’ [released on August 11], when the topic drifted to how the rocker wrote the anti-establishment-themed track ‘Car Chase’ in one sitting.

The former Sex Pistol was then asked whether the lyrics ‘flowed freely’ because of his love for anti-institutionalism, and Lydon just had to delve into his hatred for politicians, with the exception of Donald Trump, saying:

“I’m anti-politicians, and I always have been. Every single one of them is a liar. This is where my love for [Donald] Trump comes from, he was not a politician at all in any way. And he threw an anarchistic spanner in the works and shook them all up.”

He also revealed how Trump’s politics had ‘cleared’ things up for him:

“Now, things are much clearer I can clearly see the rats for what they are. So, in many ways – is that word ‘catharsis’? I hate that word but it is kind of appropriate – every now and then, life needs a shake-up.”

The host then carried on by asking whether Lydon just called Trump ‘an anarchist,’ and the PiL singer further clarified his words:

“I have, haven’t I? The Sex Pistols of politics, yeah! Fantastic, fantastic! And, oddly enough, and it has to be said: he did wonders for this country. Unemployment down, f*cking no wars, wow. Wage earnings became a serious possibility, fantastic.”

However, when it came to the current administration, he wasn’t as generous with the ‘institutionalist’ Democrat Party and harshly criticized Joe Biden’s government for ‘ruining’ Trump’s well-fare:

“Yet that [a stronger U.S.A.] is not wanted by the institutionalism of the democrat party, who are now kind of sadly running this country into sh*t. I don’t mean to be political, but I have to be accurate though.”

This isn’t the first time Lydon had come to Trump’s defense, as the singer previously received backlash for his support to the former President. Even his former Sex Pistols bandmate, Glen Matlock, previously blamed John for halting the band’s reunion with his controversial political agenda.

Still, it seems that the backlash didn’t stop Lydon from vocalizing his views and ‘love’ for Donald Trump, as the rocker seemingly picked the former President and businessman as the current ‘Sex Pistol’ of politics.