Angus Young’s Regret About Deep Purple

AC/DC has enjoyed rocking stages for nearly five decades and managed to stay at the top as one of the most outstanding live acts in rock history. Throughout their enduring career, the band has performed countless memorable shows and enchanted their fans, proving every time what a great live act they are. The band’s founding member and lead guitarist, Angus Young, has always been the leading figure during AC/DC’s energetic gigs.

The guitarist has become one of the key figures that turned the band into a must-see live act and made them play in sold-out stadiums for all these long years. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Angus Young knows how to put together a breathtaking live show as a great live performer. The veteran musician has also never hesitated to criticize other bands like Deep Purple, whose performances he has found inadequate.

What Did Angus Young Think Of Deep Purple’s Live Performance?

While Angus Young has mostly come to the fore with his instrumental skills, songwriting abilities, and impressive stage performances, the guitarist has also liked to talk about other bands and artists and has even severely criticized them at some points. Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and Deep Purple were some notable bands that the musician slammed in the past.

In a 1984 interview with Guitar World, Angus recalled his experience of watching the famous British band perform live. Young said he saw them once but regretted paying for that show by describing it as ‘ridiculous.’ Then, the guitarist also stated that he never liked the type of music that Deep Purple made. He even used the word ‘hate’ to express his feelings about the band’s sound.

Angus Young’s words on Deep Purple are as follows:

“I saw Deep Purple live once and paid money for it and thought, ‘Geez, this is ridiculous.’ You see through all that sort of stuff. I never liked those Deep Purple or those sort of things. I always hated it.”

Apparently, watching Deep Purple perform live on the stage was a complete fiasco for the AC/DC guitarist. In the end, paying money for the show turned into a big regret for Angus Young. Purple members failed to meet the expectations of the AC/DC icon about delivering a great live gig.