John Lydon Claims Sex Pistols Bandmates Always Conspired Behind His Back

Former Sex Pistols singer John Lydon recently revealed to Irish Examiner that his former bandmates had always plotted behind his back even when he thought they were mates. The singer recalled:

“We would take the piss in the press, but we were still mates; Paul [Cook] would come to gigs which was great. We were very friendly, but I didn’t know that behind my back, they were plotting to push me out of the control of the Sex Pistols. I’ve been outvoted on everything, and I have no say now.”

Back in 2021, Steve Jones and Paul Cook decided to immortalize the Sex Pistols’ legacy by creating a documentary series called ‘Pistol.‘ Lydon objected when they wanted to use the band’s songs as the soundtrack for the mini-series. He even filed a lawsuit over the music rights that were used in the documentary because he thought the series would damage the band’s reputation.

However, the court ruled in favor of his former bandmates. John told The Telegraph during that time that he had lost everything by saying:

“I’ve got no more savings, no more loans, no pensions. I’ve got nothing. I’m f*cked, and I’m scuppered in so many different ways. This entire juggernaut of confusion has cost me millions. Such a hideous, nasty onslaught; I never expected Steve, Paul, and Glen [Matlock] to be that evil. And we never even sat down and had a conversation about it.”

Although Johnny shared that he was pushed out of the band, he also mentioned to the Irish Examiner that the legacy of the Sex Pistols should’ve been handled more carefully. He expressed:

“This was a band that, quite frankly, changed society’s way of thinking. It’s now degraded, it’s not loved and appreciated in terms of the products they are selling, and they don’t see any problem with that!”

You can read John Lydon’s interview with Irish Examiner here.