Flea Says As Long As The Rolling Stones Keep Going RHCP Don’t Seem So Old

Red Hot Chili Peppers members Flea and Anthony Kiedis are turning 60 this year, and according to Flea’s latest interview, they are not going o be considered old as long as The Rolling Stones continue performing.

RHCP, formed in 1983, was and still is one of the biggest alternative rock bands in the music world. Their unique style and mainstream sound mixed with hard rock and sometimes heavy guitar sounds have allowed them to grab a spot in rock and roll and stand out.

They have had a career span of almost 40 years and survived some lineup changes. They recently returned to the stage with their original guitarist John Frusciante after Josh Klinghoffer left in 2019. In a recent interview, Flea spoke about continuing to perform at their age and mentioned an iconic band that made it okay for them to be old and continue performing.

He stated that as long as The Rolling Stones continue performing, RHCP members’ ages will not matter because they will still stay young. Considering the fact that Mick Jagger is 79 and Keith Richards is 78, their current activeness on stage is regarded as phenomenal by the fans and the members of the music industry.

Here is what Flea said about The Stones:

“I guess it’s lucky that the Stones are still touring then. At the time, they were pioneering being an old band – but as long as they keep going, we don’t seem so old!”

The fans expected The Stones to disband after the death of their drummer Charlie Watts because they had already come to a certain age where musicians would typically retire. However, the band proved them wrong by continuing their tour and preserving their energy on stage as if they were still as young as they used to be. Hence, this is an inspiration for many musicians that do not wish to quit making music and performing just because of their age.