John Lennon’s Son Julian Recalls Being Left By His Father

Musician Julian Lennon recently opened up about his relationship with his father, John Lennon, and shared glimpses of his life in John’s absence.

The relationship between parents and children can be complicated, but it was a bit more than that in Julian Lennon’s case. When Julian was born into the Lennon family, his father was a rising star. From the very beginning of his life, Julian had to learn that his childhood would be relatively different than that of his peers.

With John constantly being under the spotlight, the Lennon family’s personal life was out there for every prying eye to see. After Julian’s parents’ relationship started deteriorating, the young Lennon’s relationship with his father began to take a turn for the worse. Eventually, Julian and his mother, Cynthia, would be left on their own as his father left.

During a recent interview with People, Julian disclosed his childhood and how John’s absence affected his family. Since John attracted a lot of attention, Julian’s life with his father was anything but ordinary. Yet, as John left the family, Julian stated that he and his mother, Cynthia, quickly managed to get back on their feet.

The musician also addressed people’s misconception that Julian has always been interested in the music industry due to his father’s fame. Lennon stated that his father didn’t have the best relationship with him as Julian only saw John a few times. Thus, he couldn’t have had such an impact on Julian.

Julian explained:

”The moment he walked out the door when he just left mum and I, we were back to being as normal as what normal could be. That’s what a lot of people misunderstand and think that there was a close relationship between us. They think that I was surrounded by musicians and I was in the industry. When dad walked out the door, I was around five. We saw each other a couple of times.”

He continued his words by sharing how life was for him and Cynthia. The musician revealed that his mother had various jobs, from working for a restaurant to being the owner of an art company. Julian also had various jobs, as he worked as a waiter at one point in his life. The singer stated that outsiders might believe that John Lennon’s son had a privileged life, but even Julian himself considered that working as a musician and getting into the industry was a wild choice for him.

Lennon disclosed:

”I worked as a waiter, and Mum worked as a restaurant owner at one point. She had some art company and [she] did a lot of artwork for people. But it was normal, she had a couple of jobs, and I certainly did too. You know, it was not many imagined. So, getting into this industry was really a bit of a mad choice for me.”

The Beatle icon’s son recently made several changes in his life to distinguish his artistic efforts from his father’s legacy. He recently changed his name to embrace his identity and not live under his father’s shadow. The musician also recently released his seventh studio album, ‘Jude,’ on September 9, 2022.

You can watch Lennon’s interview below.