Sebastian Bach Shows Off His Insane KISS Collection


Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach shared one of his Cameo videos on his Instagram account. In the video, Bach showed a fan his remarkable KISS collection, full of rare and vintage items, while celebrating his birthday.

As you probably know, Cameo is a platform on which fans can reach celebrities and ask them to send special video messages for a price. Sebastian Bach joined Cameo alongside other metal legends such as Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Dave Mustaine, and Tommy Lee. Bach recently shared his Cameo message for his fan, Billy Nicholson, as a gift from his fiance.

In the video, Bach stated that when he learned that Billy proposed to Kim with a black diamond, it reminded him of his insane KISS collection. As a longtime and dedicated KISS fan who has sided with the band in every dispute, Bach has been collecting rare and vintage items for a very long time.

The collection consisted of a make-up kit, van, cards, pencils, and stickers. So, he wanted to show off this collection in his recent Cameo video for his fan’s birthday. After Bach shared this video on his Instagram account, both his and KISS fans shared their views about his massive collection, saying it is impressive, and wanted to see more.

Bach’s IG post read:

“Happy 55th Birthday to Billy Nicholson from your fiance Kim Smith!

Happy 55th Birthday to Billy Nicholson in Frederick Maryland from your fiance Kim Smith who loves you more than horror movies! Billy why don’t you take Kim for a spin in your 72 hearse that is crazy! Hope to see you guys at the Baltimore show!”

In Bach’s words, he said:

“Billie, Kim says that you proposed to her on Christmas morning with a black diamond. Then, this leads me to the KISS section of the house. Check this out! KISS radio, pencils, pen, rock stickers, the Dutch cards, KISS Your Face make-up kit, Magic Transfer set, Double-Veu, and the van…”

It seems like Sebastian Bach is so proud of his collection that he will keep showing off his KISS mementos every chance he gets. Bach has admitted multiple times that KISS has inspired him immensely, and thus, his low-key obsession makes sense.