Mick Mars Shares Regret Over Mötley Crüe, Reveals Gene Simmons’ Compliment For Him

Mick Mars has some regrets about Mötley Crüe two years after leaving the band.

In a new interview with Cooper Talk, the former Mötley Crüe guitarist talked about the sacrifices he made for the band and his one regret about it. When asked about the highlights of his almost five-decade music journey, he explained:

“Well, first off, making it to the big time, I guess. That would be the one, because ever since I was that little kid, finally here. I’m doing it. I’m actually doing what I wanted to do. [There were] a lot of sacrifices [along the way], of course, but to do what you really want, you have to make those. So that’s a regret.”

Gene Simmons’ Compliment

The rocker also recalled the compliment of the Kiss singer Gene Simmons. Apparently, people have been commenting on Mars’ guitar and that’s when Simmons also shared his thoughts about it:

“But the other one that’s not is, like, I did it. Another thing was on my guitar, because everybody was going, like… My tone is so important to me, and when people are trying to copy my tone or try to do this or, ‘How do you get that? Where’d you get that?’ ‘Mick’s guitar is so big and so fat.’ Even Gene Simmons comes up and he goes, ‘Man, your guitar is big,’ and stuff like that. And that’s quite a compliment too. So, things like that.”

You can watch the interview below.