John 5 On Working With David Lee Roth, ‘It Was Something Special’


Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 recently shared a post about collaborating with Van Halen icon David Lee Roth on his official Twitter account. The guitar player announced that he worked on a special video to tribute to the iconic band, which he released on YouTube.

John 5 has teamed up with many musicians throughout his successful and prolific musical career, and the most known ones can be considered Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, and Rob Zombie. Along with his unmatchable talent as a guitarist that he proved to the whole industry decades ago, John 5 showed his skills as a songwriter with his projects with Paul Stanley, Sebastian Bach, Steve Perry, Ace Frehley, and many more.

However, it’s known that the milestone moment was working with Roth, and his performance in ‘DLR Band’ and ‘Diamond Dave’ albums received positive reviews from longtime fans and music critics. Even though the guitarist left the Van Halen singer’s band years ago and focused on his solo career alongside joining other groups, Roth and John 5 continued to collaborate by keeping in touch for years.

Their latest product was Diamond Dave’s new song entitled ‘Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway,’ which he created as a tribute to his journey with Van Halen‘s original members; Michael Anthony, Eddie Van Halen, and Alex Van Halen. In addition, as a person who co-wrote and played the song, John 5 highlighted that it was an honor to be part of this by unveiling the video that he made. Roth retweeted the guitarist’s post.

The guitarist’s tweet read:

Honored to be a part of this amazing piece of history. When I wrote the song with David Lee Roth, I knew it was something very special. I created this video on the tour bus with Mike Savage as a tribute. Very proud to share it.”

You can check out the tweet and video below.