Joe Satriani Addresses Sammy Hagar’s Issue With Using His Voice Right

Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani joined an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock in which he shared his thoughts on the issue Sammy Hagar has in using his voice in Chickenfoot records.

Throughout their career, Chickenfoot has released two studio albums, one live album, and one box set. Due to band members’ other commitments, the band recorded new material whenever they found some breaks in their busy schedules. As of now, it’s rumored that they might record a third album after their 2011’s ‘Chickenfoot III.’

Released on September 27, 2011, ‘Chickenfoot III’ is Chickenfoot’s second studio album, despite the title. They began recording the album back in April 2010 during their free times. Moreover, the songs which appear in the album are all written by Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani, and some have a rather different sound than the others.

Speaking about the song ‘Come Closer’ from the ‘Chickenfoot III’ album, Joe Satriani revealed the song’s recording process in Ultimate Classic Rock’s interview. He said that he always tried to get Hagar to feel more relaxed and personable during the recordings. The guitarist then stated Hagar’s voice is really amazing when he sings quietly.

Following that, Satriani argued that Hagar thinks he needs to scream and yell more while singing, but he thinks fans would love to hear him singing quietly and heartfelt. However, according to the guitarist, he attempted to achieve this with Hagar, but it fell apart and the song turned out to be more like a power ballad.

In the interview by Ultimate Classic Rock, Joe Satriani said about ‘Come Closer’ the following:

“When I got to the studio, Mike and Chad were already doing some kind of version of it. I just remember thinking, ‘That’s not what I wrote.’ You know, I wrote this thing on the piano. I was always trying to get Sam to be more relaxed and more personable. Because the sound of his voice, when you’re in front of him and he’s talking to you and he sings quietly, is really amazing.

He’s got a really beautiful set of pipes. I mean, he can really sing and he can really communicate. But I think that part of him thinks that he needs to yell and scream a lot more than he does. But he may be right. I don’t know. But I’m always thinking, ‘Man, Sam, I’d love people to hear you the way I hear you sometimes, which is just two feet away, singing quietly and heartfelt.’

I just think the fans would go crazy over that, you know. So that song was my attempt at getting him to do that. And of course, it fell apart, and the song wound up becoming more power ballad-y with some kind of an R&B influence. I was very uncomfortable with that, to tell you the truth. But we had to produce it.

Because of the way things work with Chickenfoot, once Chad and Mike laid something down and they flew home, that was it. No one ever did anything ever again. And I was left to do all of the overdubs. It was like, ‘Okay, this is it. How do we save this one? Well, let’s try this.’

I played harmonica and banjo and keyboards. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and slide guitar. I would just try to make it happen. I still have that recording of me singing Sam’s lyrics while I’m playing piano, and to me, that’s still the best version.”

You can listen to Chickenfoot’s ‘Come Closer’ right below.