Tim Ripper Owens Claims Judas Priest Erased His Part Of The Band’s History

Former Judas Priest lead singer Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens recently had an interview and talked about Judas Priest’s Hall of Fame induction in November 2022. Tim shared his feelings and opinions regarding not being mentioned during the induction:

“I was just shocked that I didn’t even get a mention or a call from the band. Almost 10 years and a Grammy nomination and all that. I would’ve liked to have heard a ‘Thank you’ or maybe on stage a ‘thank you,’ but it’s not shocking. And that’s what happens. They erased my part of the Judas Priest history, so it’s not shocking.”

‘Ripper’ then mentioned he was glad that K.K. Downing was included, and pointed out their different outlooks about departing from the band:

“It was really great for Ken, other than after it was all said and done, the management threw him under the bus and said bad things about him in the press. But Ken had nothing but great things to say about it. He said he had a blast, and it was great seeing the guys. And I like Ken’s perspective on it. When we talked about it, he said how great it was, and I’m just really happy for him. I’m happy for all the guys. I love ’em to death, and Glenn and Ian and Scott and Rob. It’s well deserved.”

Last year, Judas Priest’s manager Jayne Andrews talked about K.K. Downing accompanying the band during the induction, implying he lost his edge:

“[Downing] seemed a little bit nervous and almost out of his depth. And when we talked about it afterward, we thought, ‘Well, Priest have carried on touring all these years; he hasn’t. So he’s probably lost a bit of confidence, coming to a big event like that, obviously, [and] having to confront all of us.’

It’s just a shame that once he realized that there was no animosity from our side that he didn’t just stick his head around the door and say ‘thank you.’ But there we go. He didn’t, so never mind.”

You can watch the rest of interview below.