Joe Perry Compares Working With Steven Tyler To Alice Cooper

Joe Perry recently discussed what differentiated Aerosmith and Hollywood Vampires while comparing the two in a chat with Kerrang.

The guitarist was going through fan queries when a question asked him to disclose which elements set the two bands apart, and as Aerosmith recently decided to ‘peace out,’ it seemed easier for Joe to reflect on his a-bit-troublesome career with the Boston-based band and compare them with the Vampires.

Joe discussed:

“In some ways, there can be really drastic differences. In Aerosmith, I’m playing with guys I’ve known and grown up with over the last 50 years. We’re a family.

We’ve had our squabbles, to the point where I had to leave for a while, but if anyone came at us from the outside, we would group together as that band of five. We had some great moments – some incredible moments – but we had our struggles, too. We grew up from being kids in the garage to living this incredibly chequered life.”

Still, one clear line set Perry’s veteran band apart from the Alice Cooper-led supergroup, as the guitar hero mentioned why Hollywood Vampires felt like a ‘garage band‘ rather than a professional outfit like Aerosmith.

The rocker explained:

“With the Vampires, it feels like everybody has already been through all of those things [success and wealth] in their own lives. I mean, I’ve known Alice since we met at the premiere of The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie [in 1978]. I was at his manager’s house when I called Steven [Tyler] to get the band back together. We go a long way back…

But in the Vampires, it’s like a garage band of buddies who’ve already paid their dues: a labour of love that came along where we’re just out there doing what we do. There’s no pressure. We’re not out there trying to ‘make it.’ We’re not trying to do anything but make great music and bring along anyone who cares to listen.”

So, although working with Steven Tyler and co. had its challenges at times, Joe still felt Aerosmith had paid their dues together to become the rock legends they are today. However, with Cooper and his other Vampires bandmates, the situation was different since each member of the supergroup had their own personal success and recognition, so there was no worry about ‘making it.’