Joe Perry Admits Aerosmith Once Took Advantage Of Jeff Beck

Keeping tokens from our favorite musicians would be a dream come true for most. However, apparently, it was not exactly the case for Joe Perry. In a recent interview with Total Guitar, the Aerosmith guitarist explained how they ‘took advantage’ of Jeff Beck years ago by stealing something from him.

Earlier this year, Jeff Beck passed away at the age of 78. Following his death news, many artists like Jimmy Page and David Gilmour paid tribute to him as he was quite an influential figure with his music. Of course, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry is one of many artists inspired by his art. Joe Perry watched Beck’s shows and played with him on some occasions. So, after his passing, it’s only natural that he recalled a memory of an interaction he had with the late guitarist. What’s striking is that his recollection included a confession, as well.

Perry stated that he attended a Jeff Beck concert with his team at the beginning of his career with Aerosmith. Even though they had access to the backstage, Perry didn’t try to establish a direct interaction with Beck at the time. Still, he observed that the famous guitarist was using an ‘orange Colorsound.’ According to his explanation, he was shocked to see that their road manager took the device without his knowledge on their way back.

Mentioning that the road manager ‘looked at the world differently,’ Perry claimed that he was not pleased with this action. However, with the limitations of the time, he was not able to fix the situation immediately. Thus, he kept the device until it was stolen from him. Since he already felt bad about the situation, Perry said that he was happy the equipment was gone.

The guitarist’s recollection of the memory follows:

“When we were just starting to make it in Aerosmith, our manager had been one of the big promoters in Boston, and so we were able to get tickets and backstage passes to a Jeff Beck show. We had a road manager who was a great guy, but he just looked at the world a little differently.

Backstage, I didn’t talk to Jeff then, but he was using an orange Colorsound. We’re driving home, and our road manager pulls this orange Colorsound out of his jacket. He said, ‘Well, he had six of them, so I just picked it up for you!’

I got really pissed off. I said, ‘No, we don’t do that! That is not us.’ But we were still pretty hand-to-mouth, and back then, getting equipment going back and forth across the pond was a big deal. What was I gonna do – ship it to him? I had it for about three weeks, and then it got stolen from me. I was actually kind of happy to see it go. I always felt bad about it.”

Several years after the incident, Perry met Beck again at the rehearsals of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The guitarist indicated that he still felt guilty about the situation. So, he decided to give one of his Klon Centaur pedals to Beck after telling him everything to make amends.

Joe Perry added:

“Later on, me and Brad (Whitford) were some of the first guys to get some Klon Centaur pedals. We each had three or four of them. They’re pretty amazing, and still today, they’re kind of the ’59 Les Paul of pedals.

I took one of my original ones, and after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soundcheck (for Beck’s all-star induction performance in 2009), I told Jeff the story and said, ‘I just want to adjust the karma here, so I want you to have this.’ I think he was pretty surprised to get it, and I was really happy to give it to him. I’ve given him a few presents over the years just to let him know I’m listening.”

So, it turns out that Joe Perry accidentally took something that belonged to Jeff Beck without his knowledge years ago. He lived with this guilt for decades until he met Beck again. Then, he gave him his own pedal and made up for the unintentionally-escalated situation.