Roger Taylor Is Honored In The Latest Queen The Greatest Episode Revealing The Classic Hits Written By Him

Five greatest hits written by Iconic rock band Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor were unveiled on the new episode of Queen The Greatest.

Queen The Greatest is a new series that reveals the stories behind the songs, performances, and achievements of the band throughout its journey of becoming a legend on Queen’s official Youtube channel. Each episode tells the stories of the different songs and performances.

The first episode was named Queen: The Story Begins – Keep Yourself Alive. Then followed by Live at the Rainbow, Killer Queen, Queen in Finland, Make or Break, and Making History. The last episode released on April 30, 2021 titled Behind the Hits: Roger Taylor.

In episode seven, most of the fans were surprised after they learn the man behind the five greatest hits of the band. It was revealed that Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ ‘A Kind of Magic,’ ‘Heaven for Everyone,’ ‘Breathru’ and ‘The Invisible Man’ were written by the band’s drummer Roger Taylor.

Here’s what they wrote:

“This week’s Queen The Greatest episode highlights 5 of the band’s classic hits that were all written by Queen drummer Roger Taylor but can you guess which ones they were?”

You can watch the video below.