Carmine Appice Shares His Near-Death Experience

In a recent conversation with Louder Sound, the drummer Carmine Appice revealed how he almost died and became a faithful person after this incident.

Carmine Appice first appeared in the music scene as the drummer of Vanilla Fudge in the late ’60s. He was known for his harmonized playing with his fellow drummer Tim Borgert. After becoming a part of the band’s five albums, the duo left and established Cactus. Then, the pair again left this band and founded the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice in the early ’70s.

Appice was a part of Rod Stewart’s backing band and contributed to several impactful songs like ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ and ‘Young Turks.’ The drummer also played on Paul Stanley‘s 1978 solo album. He furthermore recorded albums with names like Ted Nugent, Pink Floyd, and Stanley Clarke.

The rocker was inducted into the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2014. In 2016, he published his memoir named ‘Stick It!: My Life of Sex, Drums & Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ Appice’s most recent work was the album entitled ‘Energy Overload,’ which was released on September 24, 2021.

In a recent conversation, Carmine Appice detailed the near-death experience that happened to him during the Europe tour in 2018. He was taken to the hospital in the Azores due to an emergency. The drummer revealed that he found himself in a dark room with only one light when he woke up. As he stated, he thought he had died and prayed by holding the cross around his neck. At that moment, Appice thought he had a connection with God and decided to continue this faithfulness.

Carmine Appice explained his near-death experience:

“After being knocked out with medicine, I woke up in a black room with one single light. I thought I had died. I clutched the cross that was around my neck and prayed for Jesus to help me. I believed I was touched by the hand of God and vowed to continue this new and profound relationship.”

Carmine Appice shared his experience and revealed that he contributed to several songs for the upcoming Christmas movie called ‘The Thursday Night Club.’ Appice is pleased to be a part of this movie about five friends whose lives change after a painful event.