Paris Jackson Introduces Her Designer Friend’s New Project To Save The Animals And Environment

Pop icon Michael Jackson‘s daughter, also a musician herself Paris Jackson shared a post on her official Instagram page announcing her friend and famous fashion designer Stella McCartney’s brand new collection named ‘Mylo’ which is made out of a sustainable alternative to leather made from mycelium in order to create a sustainable fashion.

As many of you might know, Stella McCartney is a huge supporter of animal rights and is particularly known for her use of vegetarian, animal-free, vegan, and cruelty-free alternatives in her designs. McCartney is also a lifelong vegetarian which makes sense as she refuses to use leather or fur in her designs.

In addition to taking consideration when it comes to animal cruelty, the famous designer also minds the effects of fashion on the environment and tries to create a sustainable fashion that’s less harmful to precious nature in addition to pointing ecological concerns with her fashion line.

Just like her friend, Paris Jackson also promotes sustainable vegan fashion despite the fact that it’s still unknown if she’s vegan or not, yet, it’s quite clear that she’s trying her best to support sustainability with her works as she recently shared a post on her official Instagram page showing her support for McCartney’s recent collection named ‘Mylo.’

Apparently, ‘Mylo’ involves an alternative to leather with leather made out of mushrooms without any plastic which is one of the biggest concerns in fashion currently. Paris stated that she feels grateful for being on the side of change for the better for animals and the environment also.

Here is what Jackson said:

“Stella’s Mylo pieces are the future of fashion. redefining the frame. if she and bolt threads can innovate a leather alternative out of mushrooms, and not plastic, why wouldn’t anyone be for it? I’m overjoyed and utterly grateful to be on the right side of change and to be apart of something so much bigger than myself: saving the animals and the environment, one thread at a time.”

You can see the Instagram post by clicking here.