Joe Elliott Says Angus Young Was The ‘Eye Candy’ In AC/DC Not Bon Scott

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot recently gave an interview to Classic Rock during which he explained that there are very few bands in which the ‘eye candy’ is not the frontperson, and gave AC/DC as an example.

In February 1980, seven months after the release of ‘Highway To Hell,’ Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning after drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. Following that, AC/DC considered disbanding. However, they decided to stay together and recruited Brian Johnson as Scott’s replacement. Later that year, AC/DC released ‘Back In Black’ and dedicated the album to Scott. Since then, AC/DC has reached new heights of success and become one of the music industry’s best-selling rock and roll bands.

Although the lead singer is expected to be the most known band member, the case is somewhat different with AC/DC. Angus Young, the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band is known chiefly as the band’s face. With his unique persona, energetic stage performances, schoolboy-uniform stage outfit, and his duckwalk, Young is often the person who comes into mind when talking about AC/DC.

In an interview with Classic Rock, Def Leppard’s lead singer Joe Elliott talked about this issue. He claimed that AC/DC is the only band where the eye candy was never the lead singer, but instead, it was the schoolboy, implying Angus Young. According to Elliott, the band’s singer was quite charismatic, but Angus Young drew the most attention. Following that, Elliott talked about the other members of AC/DC and compared them to Angus, saying they did little on the stage compared to Angus.

In the interview on Classic Rock, Joe Elliott commented on AC/DC as:

“They were the only band I can think of where the eye candy was not the lead singer. It was this schoolboy. A few other guitar players were more front-and-center – Ritchie Blackmore and Michael Schenker. AC/DC had this great singer who was very charismatic, but most of the time, all the eyes were on Angus. 

When you think about what Malcolm Young and Cliff Williams did on stage from a visual point of view, it’s almost comical how little they did. They just stayed rooted to the spot and held down an insane rhythm with Phil Rudd. The tightest rhythm section you’re ever going to hear. They left the other two to it – Bon looking cool, and Angus charging around like he was on coke but wasn’t.”

It seems that Joe Elliott also thinks Angus Young takes the lead singer’s place in the spotlight. It is no surprise that he thinks that way as Young knows how to be the shining star on the stage with his wild onstage antics and unique stage shows.