Joe Elliott Refers To Morrissey And Nick Cave While Talking About ‘Average Singers’

Joe Elliott attended Emm Gryner’s YouTube channel and talked about the importance of a musician’s attitude aside from his work. Elliott stated that names like Morrissey and Nick Cave have a huge following not only because of their talent but also for their effort and behavior.

Def Leppard’s legendary vocalist Joe Elliott experienced an unfortunate year in 2016 when he got pneumonia and had a dry cough for weeks. This event nearly destroyed his vocal cords, probably the worst thing that could happen to a singer. The singer thankfully recovered in 18 months and took his place next to his band to continue to perform.

In his recent interview, Elliott stated that he got through that time by insisting on trying and not giving up. This way, his fans saw his effort and showed him support. He continued to state that this is what artists should do since people appreciate a musician’s voice or talent but applaud those who try and prove their commitment.

Joe talked about the Smiths’ frontman Morrissey and the Bad Seeds’ frontman Nick Cave, who are highly followed and loved. He continued to comment on them by saying that although these two musicians have average vocal talents, people love and follow them for their attitude, sincerity, and effort.

Elliot showed his opinion about musicians’ talents by stating:

“It’s not a talent, it. It’seadspace. It’s a frame of mind. You can be the best singer in the world with the worst attitude, you’re not gonna get anywhere. Or you could just be a real average singer that’s got maybe a decent lyric. But if you really want it, people will really buy into your ethos. They’ll see through to the soul that’s trying his best to sound good enough to be accepted, I suppose.

That’s why, I think, people like Morrissey and Nick Cave have got a huge following. There are people out there that could sing the phone directory, and they probably played in front of three people in a Holiday Inn bar. Doesn’t matter whether they’ve got fantastic pipes, they haven’t got anything else.”

You can watch the entire interview below.