John Tardy Recalls Obituary Impressing Slayer’s Audience During Final Tour

After almost four decades of playing, creating, and recording, Slayer announced their farewell world tour on January 22, 2018. For the European leg of their tour, Obituary joined them as well as Lamb of God and Anthrax, which was a heavy duty considering that this wasn’t like any other world tour. In an interview with Joshua Toomey, John Tardy remembered when they hit the road with Slayer.

“It’s crazy to the extreme of… I tell you what, 30 years ago, I would not want to have opened for Slayer,” noted John Tardy, even though they toured with the band later. However, the musician had a good reason, “Because, if you remember, those Slayer fans wanted no part of any band. They didn’t care who you were. All you heard was Slayer chants the whole time.”

The Obituary vocalist pointed out their great time while hitting the road with Slayer and their crew’s polite attitude toward them. He said, “But we did get invited, and it was the last time we were in Europe when we did the Slayer tour with them. That was awesome. Those guys were super cool. Their crew was way nicer than they needed to be to us.”

Tardy later stated that Slayer’s stage manager praised them for filling the arena before the headliner, recalling, “We had their stage manager come up to us, and he was like, ‘I’ve never seen arenas near full when the first band was going on.’ That was awesome. That was a really fun tour, too, with the Lamb of God. I love those guys and get along great with them.”

“To hit the bucket list and get to play with Slayer was awesome because time was running out,” said Tardy. Since they knew Slayer was parting ways, they got the final opportunity, “We saw Slayers getting ready to wrap things up, so we were glad to get that phone call. I sat out front and watched Slayer every night during that tour.”

So, Obituary was right about joining Slayer since the band hasn’t made a comeback since their farewell. Considering his statements, it seems like John Tardy feels lucky to have performed with the band and also had the chance to watch them every night.