Joe Elliott Names His Favorite AC/DC Member

Planet Rock’s Twitter account posted a clip from Joe Elliott’s recent interview in which he recalled the times Def Leppard was touring with AC/DC and explained why he was scared of the band’s late frontman Bon Scott.

As you probably know, AC/DC released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Highway to Hell’ on July 27, 1979. The album received critical acclaim and positive reviews. Despite its success and popularity, it had a devastating aspect for the band members. It was their frontman Bon Scott’s last album, who died due to acute alcohol poisoning on February 19, 1980.

Shortly after releasing their album, AC/DC began their Highway to Hell tour in August 1979 in Belgium, and the tour ended in January 1980 in Southampton. Also, Def Leppard joined AC/DC as their opening act, and the bands’ members had the opportunity to get to know each other and share their creative perspectives.

In his recent appearance, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott shared his thoughts about AC/DC’s late lead singer Bon Scott saying that he was a man everyone wanted to spend some time with, but Elliott was also scared of him because of his masculine look. Joe added that Bon Scott was the cheekiest and most fantastic person in the band.

Planet Rock’s tweet read:

“Joe Elliott & Dave Grohl discuss AC/DC, and Joe reveals what it was like being on tour with Bon Scott…

Hear the interview this Saturday from 6 pm on The Joe Elliott Show, as Dave talks to Joe about his book ‘The Storyteller.'”

Elliott stated in his interview that:

“You think of AC/DC with things like ‘Big Balls.’ Bon Scott was like the cheekiest guy ever! He was fantastic. We toured with AC/DC on their Highway To Hell tour for about three weeks in the UK, and he was that guy. He was the guy you wanted to hang out with, but at the same time, you wouldn’t wanna say anything out of place because he had muscles baby!

You can see the tweet below.