Joe Bonamassa Loses His Cool in Heated Exchange with Fan: ‘STFU Small Angry Man’

Haters don’t stand a chance against Joe Bonamassa.

The guitarist took to X to slam the user that commented on his guitar collection. When Bonamassa shared a picture of some of his guitars, the user said it was a shame that Bonamassa wouldn’t play any of the guitars and told the guitarist to stop ‘hogging.’ The rocker responded:

“I played every one of them yesterday.”

When the user continued by commenting about killing the trees, Bonamassa said he was using logic. In return, the user said the guitarist was ‘being a d*ck’ and that his playing lacked soul. Eventually, the rocker slammed the ‘small angry man’ with an attitude and said:

“Shut the f*ck up Robert. Nobody cares what you have to say about anything. ESPECIALLY me… You are embarrassing yourself and whatever point you tried to make has been obfuscated and reduced to uninformed rhetoric and ramblings of a small angry man. Good day sir.”

Bonamassa’s Collection Attracts Trolls

Bonamassa’s collection has been growing bigger each day. In an earlier interview, Bonamassa mentioned that his collection of vintage guitar gear has grown to about 500 guitars and 500 amps, totaling around 1,000 to 1,200 pieces altogether. Some people think that someone like him would be the perfect person to own and appreciate relic axes. But then others don’t see it that way.

In a chat with Dean Delray, the guitarist earlier responded to the trolls who called him out for buying too many vintage guitars.

“When I posted a ’54 Goldtop I got from the grandchildren of the original owner in Massachusetts, I had several people [saying], ‘Oh, another one [that’s] never gonna see the light of day; just think about the music that can be played [on it] if somebody else bought it.’ Wait a minute. Let’s unpack this logic. First of all, the grandchildren contacted me [for] two reasons. One, they knew I collected guitars. And two, they knew I offered a good home and a fair price. End of story. This isn’t guitar-collecting socialism. It’s not one guitar for everybody.”

On top of that, he mentioned that he’s not the only one grabbing all those valuable relics that are that are still out there:

“I’ll get back to the trolls, [saying], ‘You wanna buy it? You buy me out.’ The answer’s always no. And the logic that, by collecting something, you’re taking it away from the people that could be using it — that doesn’t hold water. Here, you’ll see 3-4 Super Reverb Fender amps. From late 1963 [or] early ’64, to the time they discontinued them, Fender made 66,000 Super Reverbs. I own maybe 5 or 6. That’s not exactly cornering the market.”

You can see Bonamassa’s comments below.