Lzzy Hale Says Performing For ‘Long Live Rock… Celebrate the Chaos’ Helped Halestorm Shake Off The Dust


Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale spoke in a recent interview with Matt Pinfield and talked about the upcoming album of the band.

As you might recall, Halestorm collaborated with so many musicians to appear in the documentary movie named ‘Long Live Rock… Celebrate the Chaos,’ which released on March 12, 2021.

In the conversation, Lzzy told about how making an appearance in this movie and playing The Who’s ‘Long Live Rock’ song shook off the dust of the band and said that it got the band together once again.

While Lzzy was saying that they continued to work on their own materials after playing for the movie, she also mentioned the theme of the new Halestorm songs and revealed that they are energetic and confident.

Here is what Lzzy Hale said:

“Finally, just a couple of weeks ago, we got asked to perform The Who’s ‘Long Live Rock’ for the documentary ‘Long Live Rock’. And so that was kind of our, ‘Okay, well, we have to get together and do this in a real studio.

So everyone get tested, and everybody wear your mask the whole time.’ And it was kind of like shaking off the dust — it was getting the band back together again. So it was kind of cool to initially break through with The Who song and then we started in on our actual material.

I’m just now seeing this arc, because there were the songs that we were writing just kind of coming off the road, where it’s very confident and very live and energy.

And then it kind of starts to get — still keeping the energy up, but then subject matter starts to get a little crazier and maybe a little darker. And then it’s kind of starting to dip into some more hope now.”

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