Joan Jett’s Merciless Reaction To Britney Spears

Rock stars might not be particularly happy when pop stars ‘try’ to pay ‘homage’ to them. Marilyn Manson, for instance, feuded with Justin Bieber when the Canadian singer decided to wear a shirt that had Manson’s face on it.

Joan Jett wasn’t particularly happy as well when Britney Spears covered the Arrow’s ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll.’ Now, although the song originally belonged to the Arrows, it’s no secret that it has become synonymous with Jett.

So, when Lipster asked the rocker in 2008 about what she thought of Spears’ cover, Joan snidely said:

“I’ve never even heard Britney‘s version. I mean, I’ve obviously heard about it, but I never understood that whole idea. I mean, people usually cover a song that says something about them, but I doubt she loves rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe she likes songs.”

That wasn’t the only time Jett criticized Spears, however. The rocker also slammed the pop star while sitting down with Jaan Uhelszki for an interview in 2000.

The host had asked what Joan thought about people labeling Spears and Christina Aguilera as ‘rockers,’ and Jett was, once again, merciless, as she said:

“I’d be a lot happier if the press would call it what it is and stop attaching the word ‘rock’ to Britney Spears. Any woman who sings or has a guitar in her hand or does anything is a ‘rocker.’ It’s an exciting noun to attach to everybody, but it’s not real not real. It gives people the misconception that there are women in rock and there aren’t. I just don’t get it.”

Ironically, only two years after Jett uttered these words, Spears released her ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’ cover in 2002. In 2008, Joan still hadn’t heard Spears’ take on the song, and it remains a mystery whether she ever listened to the cover or got over her dislike of Spears.