Joan Jett Shares Advice For The New Generation Rock Musicians

The famous musician and singer Joan Jett recently posted a tweet to announce her appearance on Good Morning America with a short video. Jett gave some critical advice to the young generation of artists planning to follow her steps in the music industry and encouraged their dreams.

Jett’s first career step as a professional musician can be considered the American rock band The Runaways, also featuring Sandy West, Micki Steele, Lita Ford, Peggy Foster, Cherie Currie, and more. Even though the band couldn’t gain commercial success in the US initially, later, their hit tracks, ‘Cherry Bomb,’ ‘Hollywood,’ and ‘Queens of Noise’ became their fans’ favorites, especially and surprisingly of those in Japan.

Following The Runaways, the singer began her solo career and formed Joan Jett & the Blackhearts as its frontwoman and primary songwriter. As both a band member and solo artist who created, recorded, and performed milestone works for rock music, it was hard for Jett to survive in the male-dominated music industry where women are categorized as groupies or fans chasing rock stars.

Therefore, in her interview, Joan Jett’s advice to the next generation of rockers was to follow their dreams no matter what happens and what others say about them. She stated that most people would define them as crazy and irrational for working on useless things, but they shouldn’t give up on their dreams and purpose. The legendary vocalist highlighted that it’s their life, and they can’t let anyone or anything change it.

Jett’s tweet read:

“Joan Jett talks ‘Changeup’ on Good Morning America.”

Her advice to young people chasing their dreams follows:

Advice should be to go for your dreams. Go for them because everyone will tell you, ‘What are you doing? Are you crazy?’ People do and they mean well, but if you love your dream, whether it is a neuroscientist or guitar player, go for it. Don’t let anyone else tell you what your life is going to be because you gotta live it.”

You can check out the tweet below.