Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo Says Sebastian Bach Isn’t In Skid Row’s Thought Process Anymore

A possible Skid Row reunion with Sebastian Bach might seem like the rock ‘n’ roll equivalent of spotting a unicorn in the wild. Skid Row has recently welcomed Erik Grönwall into the fold, and fans are wondering if this could lead to a reconnection with Bach. However, according to guitarist Dave’  Snake’ Sabo, this possibility doesn’t seem very likely as he spoke to Sleaze Roxx.

Skid Row’s formation and meteoric rise to success were marked by their impressive musical talents and the unmistakable voice of Sebastian Bach. However, sometimes the brightest stars burn out the fastest, and that’s what happened with Bach and Skid Row. Following disagreements over musical material and an incident that left bandmate Rachel Bolan angry, Bach was fired from the band in 1996. Rumors swirled that the split was due to Skid Row’s reluctance to open for KISS. This rift eventually led to Bach’s departure from Skid Row. Four years later, Skid Row opened for the 2000 Kiss Farewell Tour, sans Bach.

Sabo recently said that the idea of reuniting with Bach is a thing of the past, and the band is focused on their current achievements and future goals. They’re proud of their new singer, Erik Grönwall, and are already working on new material with him. The band has evolved through various iterations, and they’re excited about the path they’re on now, with no intention of looking back.

The interviewer asked:

“With the new album’s success and everyone seemingly really excited to have Erik in Skid Row, do you find that the whole Sebastian Bach reuniting with you guys had died down or completely? Because I don’t hear much of that anymore.”

Dave Sabo replied:

I don’t really hear it at all.”

The interviewer continued:

“So it must be a really welcomed thing for you guys because for a while, that’s all that you were answering.”

Dave Sabo responded:

“Yeah, it was like four years’ worth. You know, it’s silly. It’s just silly. We’re so focused on the here and now, and what we’ve been able to accomplish, and what we feel we have an opportunity to accomplish in our future, so that’s not even part of the thought process. And it hasn’t been for 20-something years. You know, there was a brief moment in time that it was being considered but that fizzled out really quick. We’ve been really staunched in our position and remained. This is who we are now.

We’ve gone through several iterations of the band and everybody who’s been in the band has played an important role, one way or another, in allowing us to continue on. And this is where we are now and Erik is our singer, and we’re proud of that. We’re proud of the record that we were able to make together, and again, we’re already writing songs for the next record. Erik is involved in that and I feel the world has opened up again for us in a sense. And I am really grateful for that.”

Skid Row fans pining for a reunion with Sebastian Bach might want to put their dreams to bed. Instead, Skid Row is forging ahead with Erik Grönwall, focusing on their current and future successes. With new material and exciting tour opportunities, Skid Row is moving full steam ahead, leaving the past where it belongs. And who knows, maybe this new chapter in Skid Row’s journey will bring even more fantastic music and unforgettable experiences for both the band and their fans.