Dave Mustaine Says He Is ‘Pretty Stoked’ While Sharing Details About New Megadeth Album

Megadeth lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine opened up about the current state of the band’s upcoming album, ‘The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead,’ during a recent episode of his own ‘The Dave Mustaine Show’ and revealed that he feels quite excited for this album.

As many of you know, Megadeth has been working on the follow-up to their fifteenth studio album, ‘Dystopia’ which was released on January 22, 2016, for quite some time. Dave Mustaine revealed that the band had already recorded 18 songs for their new album, ‘The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead’ back in June 2020, and there is only little left to finish the album completely.

Although Megadeth fans know that the album is most likely going to be released in 2021, there is not an exact date given by the band, however, bassist David Ellefson said that they are not planning on releasing their new album until the coronavirus pandemic is over since they want to support it afterward with the live shows.

However, fans cannot wait to get a taste of Megadeth’s brand new album since Dave Mustaine can’t stop talking about how great it turned out to be as he did during a recent interview. Apparently, the lyrics are completely done, the singing part is nearly there, and the guitar solos are almost done for the album along with other tiny details.

In addition to this, Mustaine also stated that he’s beyond excited about this record since all their hard work is pretty much coming to conclusion along with revealing that the album is going to include a mysterious special cover song.

Here is what Mustaine said:

Lyrics, all done. Singing, almost all done. Guitar solos, in the process. And all the other little things that go on the record — the ear candy, the background vocals, the keyboards, and percussion stuff — are also going down as we speak. We’re getting solos sent from Finland by Kiko, which is a really cool thing. And I just got a really cool lyric from David Ellefson sent over. Now it’s my job to finish writing his lyric and make it into a song. And then that is going to be the last lyric on the record. So I’m pretty stoked. And I can’t wait to tell you what cover song we chose for this record. I’ll tell you soon. I think you’ll get it. I’ve been giving you guys hints for a while. But I haven’t really let anybody know.”

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