Joan Jett Reacts To Dolly Parton’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

Joan Jett joined an interview with Rolling Stone and answered questions on her music career. When the interviewer asked about Dolly Parton‘s withdrawal from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jett declared that Parton deserved to be inducted.

As one of the most significant female figures in rock music, Joan Jett has created many successful records, and three of them have been certificated platinum and gold. Jett’s success gained her the unofficial title of Queen of Rock and Roll. She earned a spot at the Rock Hall with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts in 2015.

As another successful female musician, Dolly Parton was among the inductees of Rock Hall in 2022. However, she wanted to withdraw from the nomination. As she previously stated, it was unfair to the other rockers as she had not created a rock album before. Some names among the musicians supported Parton’s decision, such as Dee Snider.

In addition to the Twisted Sister icon, Ann Wilson praised Dolly Parton’s decision to withdraw from the Hall of Fame as she was a country musician in a previous interview. Wilson also criticized Rock Hall since it has become less related to rock music. Rob Halford was another name who criticized the event as it started to become distant from its origin.

Recently, Joan Jett stated that the meaning of ‘Rock and Roll’ contained all musicians who made a massive impact on the music scene. According to Jett, Dolly Parton deserved to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame since she influenced many rockers. The singer said that because Parton had not created a rock work, it was understandable why she did not feel like a rock and roller as she declared before.

When the interviewer asked if she considered Dolly Parton a rock star, Joan Jett answered:

“I mean, they use the phrase ‘Rock & Roll’ to pretty much describe anybody who’s big and famous and has a following like Dolly. But Dolly has influenced rock & rollers. So on that level, I think she absolutely deserves to be there. But I understand what she’s saying. She doesn’t feel like a rock & roller, and it feels weird to her.”

The musicians and the rock fans have discussed the Rock Hall’s inductees. Some have thought that the organization has changed its direction and become an event containing all genres. According to others like Joan Jett, Rock Hall aims to include all names that have considerably impacted the music scene.