Dee Snider Says He’s Not A Fan Of Dolly Parton’s Music

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently responded to a tweet about him and Dolly Parton by saying that he appreciates Parton’s character and charitable work. Still, he is not a fan of her music.

Dolly Parton has established herself as a cultural icon during her long-standing presence in the music world. Her powerful voice and incredible songwriting skills helped her make a name in the music industry. Although she is mainly known as a country artist, she also produced pop music. Throughout her long-term music career spanning over five decades, she has won many significant awards.

She has composed over 3,000 songs, including many hit ones. She starred in a few movies and proved herself as an actress too. Besides her multiple musical talents, Parton is also known for being a generous philanthropist. She has provided financial support for a variety of charities throughout the years. Her supporting causes ranged from children’s literacy, HIV/AIDS initiatives, cancer treatment, and animal rights to COVID-19 vaccine development.

A user on Twitter recently tagged Dee Snider and Dolly Parton together by saying that they are ‘national treasures.’ Another user replied by implying that he is not a fan of Parton’s music. Then, Dee Snider stepped into the conversation and said he is a fan of Parton’s character and charitable work yet not so much her music. The rocker thinks Parton would also say the exact words about him and his music. After Snider’s reply, another user praised Dolly’s songwriting skills. Snider wrote that he could not deny she is a great songwriter.

A user’s words on Dolly’s music:

“Not a Dolly fan, eh? That’s ok. Not everyone is for everyone.”

Dee Snider’s reply:

Fan of the person and her charitable work…not so much her music.”

Snider continued:

“She probably says the same about me! Lol!”

Another user’s reaction:

“While she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, her songwriting skills are epic.”

The rocker responded:

Her talent is undeniable!

You can check out the tweets below.