Jimmy Page’s Only Condition To Reunite With Robert Plant

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s Lee Zeppelin days were one for the books. Even though the duo went their separate ways, there has always been discussion of a reunion. They even worked together at the start of the 90s as Page and Plant for the ‘Unledded’ project.

After Led Zeppelin, Page worked with the Black Crowes in the late ’90s. In those days, the guitarist was creatively fulfilled by working with the band. So, in an interview Page did with SFGATE back in 2000, the guitarist revealed his one condition for him to consider collaborating with Robert once again.

When asked if he would work with Plant again, Page shared one non-negotiable he looked for by explaining:

“I don’t know. We seem to draw the best out of each other. But unless I’m working with someone who’s really passionate, I don’t see it as positive. This is the good thing about working with the Crowes at the moment. I’m really happy, man.”

Just like Jimmy, Page also had moved on and wanted to create his path without being in the shadow of his bandmate. However, the singer didn’t last long and admitted to Creem Magazine in the late 80s that he missed having his old partner. So he featured Jimmy on his then-upcoming album; he added:

“I just wanted some of that stagger. And, really, I just wanted my old partner around then. I wanted to see him hanging around with his head dangling on the floor. He was only in the control room of the studio playing, and everybody is saying, ‘God, can that man play.'”

Even though there has been back and forth between the duo, as Robert pointed out, there is still an apparent connection. Their collaborations on each other’s musical ventures and even trying out their duo band Page and Plant prove that they tried to make it work before actually going their separate ways.

You can read Jimmy Page’s interview in 2000 with SFGATE here.