Jimmy Page On Working With Robert Plant After Led Zeppelin’s Disbandment

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page recently joined an interview with Classic Rock and reflected on his plans following the group’s split. According to the guitarist, he and Robert Plant were eager to do something together as they played the most significant part in the band’s work.

Although Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980 after their drummer John Bonham’s passing, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant continued collaborating on various projects. It started with Robert Plant’s 1984 project, Honeydrippers. Page contributed the guitar parts of a few songs for the band’s debut EP. Later on, they performed together also in 1985’s Live Aid.

In 1994, former Led Zeppelin members reunited in a band named Page and Plant and gave their first performance in MTV’s Unplugged series. The special session was released as a live album, ‘No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded.’ Following the success of the performance and the album, the two embarked on a tour in the mid-1990s. Later on, Page and Plant released their only studio album, ‘Walking into Clarksdale,’ in 1998.

During a recent interview, Jimmy Page talked about whether they had any plans for a Led Zeppelin reunion at the time. The guitarist explained that when they toured for the ‘Unledded’ project, they aimed to present Led Zeppelin songs in a different format, just as they did in the band.

Thus, they applied other instruments to achieve a new sound. The guitarist also revealed that working with each other was always on their mind after Led Zeppelin’s disbandment. Because he and Robert Plant played a significant role in the band’s writing process, they thought their harmonious collaboration should continue.

Jimmy Page speaking on working with Robert Plant after Led Zeppelin:

“In ninety-five, when we toured the ‘Unledded’ project, the idea was to represent some of the songs in a different way, which we’d do every night when we toured with Led Zeppelin. There was always something different to each number.

But to give the material a whole new suit of clothes, we applied the orchestra and the Egyptian orchestra along with other exotic sounds, like the hurdy-gurdy player. Robert and I did the lion’s share of the writing in Led Zeppelin, so we were both keen to do something with the two of us. So, that’s basically what we did.”

The Led Zeppelin icon also reflected on their next collaboration, ‘Walking into Clarksdale,’ by saying they also aimed to try different things in that album. The guitarist revealed he enjoyed both projects and saw them as fulfilling experiences.