Valerie Bertinelli Says Eddie Van Halen Was In So Much Pain

Eddie Van Halen’s former wife Valerie Bertinelli recently joined 1010 Wins’ Brigitte Quinn for an interview during which she revealed that Eddie Van Halen was suffering a lot.

Back in 1980, Eddie Van Halen met Valerie Bertinelli during a Van Halen concert in Shreveport, Louisiana. Eight months later, on April 11, 1981, the couple decided to get married, and ten years later, they had one son, Wolfgang Van Halen. After four years of separation, Bertinelli filed for divorce in 2005, and it was finalized in 2007.

According to what she wrote in her autography, Bertinelli implied that the main reasons for her decision to file for divorce were Eddie’s drug addiction and his refusal to quit smoking, even though he was diagnosed with oral cancer. Considering his health status back then, Bertinelli was quite right for wanting Eddie to take good care of himself.

In 2000, Eddie Van Halen started receiving treatment for tongue cancer, and a third of his tongue was removed as a result. Declared cancer-free in 2002, Eddie blamed holding copper guitar picks in his mouth. Apart from that, according to Bertinelli, he also had lung cancer before his death on October 6, 2020.

In an interview with 1010 Wins, Valerie Bertinelli talked about being married to the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen. She stated that they were like homebodies except for their jobs. Moreover, the actress said that Eddie was a kind person, although he chose drugs and alcohol to cope with pain. Valerie admitted that she wasn’t compassionate enough at the time due to her young age.

Valerie Bertinelli told 1010 Wins the following about Eddie Van Halen:

“We were really kind of homebodies. Except for our jobs — mine on television and Ed’s in front of thousands and thousands of people playing — those were just things that we did; that wasn’t who we are. And we kind of lived a very quiet, sheltered life together.

I mean, there were some crazy times — yes, because there were drugs and alcohol; I mean, the ’80s were crazy — but when you get down to it, Ed had the most generous heart. He was so kind. He just didn’t know how to be that way with himself because he was in so much pain, and he dealt with his pain through drugs and alcohol. And I was too young to really be as compassionate as I could have been back then.”

Eddie struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse for a long time. He started smoking and drinking alcohol when he was just 12, and he eventually needed alcohol to function. Following his divorce from Bertinelli, he entered rehabilitation in 2007 and had stayed sober since 2008.