Jelly Roll Makes A ‘Risky’ Comparison Between Taylor Swift And Michael Jackson

In a recent appearance on Complex Music’s ‘That’s Deep,’ Jelly Roll ventured into controversial territory by comparing Taylor Swift to Michael Jackson, igniting a debate on their cultural and musical impact.

During the show, the singer asked host Yedoye Travis:

“Do you think Taylor Swift is the new Michael Jackson?”

The question, meant to provoke thought, led Travis to jest:

“You can’t ask a Black man that question.”

Crossing Cultural Lines

Roll acknowledged the cultural faux pas, admitting:

“I’m sorry. I crossed a cultural line there.”

Travis responded by saying:

“I’m sorry, I can. There’s just boundaries I can’t cross.”

Mirror Images Across Eras

Explaining his point, Jelly suggested that despite the differences in their times, there are parallels between Swift and Jackson, discussing:

“I respect it. I think different eras, but I think mirror images. What Michael did was so specific to that time. It’ll never happen again.”

The Changing Landscape Of The Music Industry And Swift’s Success

The conversation around Swift and Jackson is complex, and it’s challenging to compare the two directly due to the differences in the music industry landscape during their respective peaks. The internet and streaming music have significantly changed how artists distribute their music and connect with fans, arguably giving Swift an advantage that Jackson never had.

Highlighting Swift’s success, ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ has recently become the highest-grossing concert film of all time, surpassing the record previously held by Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It.’ With global earnings exceeding $261.6 million, Swift’s cinematic venture proves her massive appeal and the dedication of her fanbase, drawing parallels to the extensive support Jackson enjoyed during his lifetime.

You can watch their conversation below.