Ex-Metallica Manager Blames Grunge For Destroying Metal, ‘Poor Metallica’


Long time and original Metallica manager Jon Zazula appeared on a show called Talk is Jericho and talked about the 90s grunge and metal. Further, he talked about grunge music as the killer of the metal genre and said that grunge made everybody so chronic and horrible.

Also known as Jonny Z, is a music producer who had his own record company and record store in New Jersey. For many years he was considered as the lead figure of the metal scene of the East Coast. He became a respected figure in the metal scene. 

In 1983, a couple of years after Metallica was formed, he had listened to Metallica’s demo of ‘No Life ’till Leather‘ and went to record companies that would release the work. But when he realized that other labels were not interested in the band, he founded Megaforce Records label to release their song. Moreover, Jon Zazula helped the band release their debut album ‘Kill ’em All‘ and funded an East Coast tour for them.

In the interview on Talk is Jericho, he stated that he could not stand listening to grunge music and said that it destroyed a lot of people’s lives. Zazula claimed that grunge was the death of metal music saying it was ‘chronic and horrible, look what it did to poor Metallica.’

Here is what he said during the talk:

“Look what it did to poor Metallica… It made everybody so chronic and horrible – and really did terrible things to people’s lives. I was so depressed. I couldn’t stand their music. I said, ‘I’ve had enough of this shit, I’m gone.’ That’s the way it was.

I even managed Tad, the big guy, lumberjack, had him signed to I think Electra records – oh my goodness. 1992, that was the peak for Lollapalooza No. 2 where we had Soundgarden and Pearl Jam and Ice Cube opened for us, Ministry, and the closing band was Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

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