Jeff Pilson On Foreigner’s Farewell Tour, ‘We’ll Not Be Like KISS Or The Who’

Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson recently sat down with Mike Brunn on his ‘The Rock Experience with Mike Brunn’ show. Pilson gave insight into the band’s farewell tour that will at least go well into 2024. The bassist was adamant that this would be the only farewell tour and they won’t be like KISS or The Who.

Jeff shared that it was a bittersweet moment as the band has been living their prime where they sound amazing, and everyone is on good terms within the band. Still, he emphasized that as Foreigner, they want to end their time together in their prime and on a high note to honor not only the band’s legacy but also Mick Jones.

Regarding timelines, the tour will most likely go well into 2024. They don’t plan to go beyond that but never say never. Pilson also added that they wouldn’t be like KISS, where they are on their second farewell tour, or The Who, where they did their farewell back in the day but returned to the stages once again; this farewell tour will be Foreigner’s only one.

Jeff Pilson’s words about Foreigner’s farewell tour read:

“Well, it’s a little bittersweet. I mean, you know the band is feeling great, we’re playing great, we’re sounding great, everybody’s getting along wonderful, you know, we’re kind of firing on all cylinders, which you’d think that’s an odd time to stop.”

“But I think, but I love the fact that we are stopping while we’re on top, you know, I mean because nothing makes you cringe more than when you see guys that are playing a little past their expiration date, and you know we don’t want to be one of those because you know listen we’re of the age where we could be so we’re dedicated to the Foreigner legacy ending on a note that is as high as humanly possible because we feel the legacy and Mick Jones deserve as much.”

He added:

“Well, I will say, we do have plans to go well into 2024 with this. At this point, that’s all there is, so we’ll see. I mean, if it gets pushed beyond that, I would be a little surprised because I think Kelly and Mick are both pretty adamant about this whole situation, you know having said that, I mean, I got to guess there’s also going to be a couple of prime offers coming along too but what I can honestly tell you is we’re not going to be like a KISS or The Who it’s not going to be one of those, but it might be a couple of years, and I think that’d be fine.”

Although Foreigner won’t be like KISS or The Who, they will still be on the road for their farewell tour in a couple of years, and that’s ok considering the longevity they had in the industry. Pilson, who has been with the band for almost 20 years, on the one hand, is sad to let it go but, on the other, he understands that their time has come.