Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Is Furious After The Lakers Loss

As a die-hard fan of basketball and the team, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea took to Twitter to express his disappointment about the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss in the recent match.

The Lakers’ performance against the Denver Nuggets concluded with a 108-103 defeat, giving the latter a 2-0 advantage in the Western Conference finals. After the match, Flea expressed his disappointment with the results by commenting on the team’s execution during the game.

His tweet on the matter read:

“Really hard f*cking loss to take. Go lakers. F*ck.”

The bassist also had a few things to say about people’s remarks about what happened during the match. When the sports journalist Bill Simmons shared a tweet suggesting that referees were not calling fouls on LeBron James, he strongly disagreed with the notion.

The journalist’s words went as follows:

“I like putting LeBron on [Nikola] Jokic because the refs just aren’t going to call fouls on LeBron. They’re terrified of him. It’s smart. He can get away with more. We’ve already seen it in this game.”

In response, Flea wrote:

“Bill, that is absolutely bullsh*t, and you know it. One time they missed a foul Lebron did on Jokic. There were three no-calls when LBJ got fouled. That bullsh*t flagrant on D’Angelo, and they called nothing when Rui got smacked in the head while shooting. Not to mention the horsesh*t offensive goaltending call on Davis and the blocking call on Austin, all of which were clearly bad calls. Bullshit.”

Moreover, when a Twitter user asked whether he was mad, the musician confirmed with a short answer:

“Yes, very.”

RHCP bassist’s displeasure was not limited to this particular match; he also voiced concerns about the Lakers’ overall 2022 season performance before. However, the musician had a positive approach this year during Anthony Davis’ injury in early April, showing support for the player and the team.