Jay Weinberg Doesn’t Have Second Thoughts About Slipknot Split

Jay Weinberg seems to be happy with his new career after leaving Slipknot in November 2023.

The drummer recently shared some photos with his wife, Chloe, and also showed his jamming sessions with Infectious Grooves. He wrote the following in the caption of his Instagram post:

“I believe the way you cool kids say it is… ‘We are so back.'”

Fan Reactions To Jay’s Post

In the comments on his post, his fans expressed their satisfaction that he moved on after Slipknot. One person wrote:

“Everyone is so happy for you, Jay. Congratulations!”

Another fan added:

“You ain’t back because you never left.”

He Feels Grateful For The Support

After being fired from Slipknot, Weinberg quickly returned to music and constantly shared how happy he is with his current life and carer. A few weeks ago, he shared another message on Instagram, writing:

“What an incredible weekend in Japan. I’m honestly at a loss for words, but so full of gratitude and love from this experience. Thank you to Mike, Dean, Ben Weinman, Tye Trujillo, Luke, Corey Koniz, Travis Wade, Chris Waiau, and the amazing Suicidal Tendencies fans and family for the warmest and most crushing welcome imaginable. We’re just getting started — and what an amazing start this was. See all you Cycos around the world very soon…”

Weinberg Is Excited For Infectious Grooves Rehearsals

In February, the musician also shared a video of Infectious Grooves rehearsing ‘Frustrated Again’ for their 2024 concert dates. He noted in the caption:

“So stoked with our first Infectious Grooves rehearsals as we prepare for these upcoming shows! Here’s a look at one of our first times jamming ‘Frustrated Again’ — tune in at 8 p.m. EST via the link in my bio to see the full video! It’s seriously an honor and a total joy playing these songs with shredders of this caliber. Can’t wait to rip it up in Orange County and all over Australia next month! Who’s gonna be there?”

Weinberg is also pleased to work with Rob Trujillo in Infectious Grooves. In an interview with Spotlight Report, he said it was like living a dream, kind of like driving a Ferrari.

You can see the photos he shared on his Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Jay Weinberg – Instagram