Jason Bonham Shares The ‘Weird’ Thing About John Bonham In Led Zeppelin Documentary

Jason Bonham recently joined Appetite For Distortion for an interview and revealed a weird thing about his father, John Bonham, that he noticed in a Led Zeppelin documentary.

Led Zeppelin rose to prominence with their distinctive and guitar-driven sound that drew from various influences. Throughout their career, the band released many successful songs that are now considered rock classics. However, after John Bonham died in 1980, the Zeppelin decided to split.

John Bonham was a heavy drinker who drank a lot before rehearsals. On September 24, 1980, he drank so much alcohol again, and somebody took him to bed after he fell asleep. On September 25, Bonham was found dead. As it turned out, the drummer’s death was due to asphyxiation from vomit.

Before his death in 1980, John Bonham gave an interview to an Australian journalist. This audio interview was included in the Led Zeppelin documentary ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin.’ Released in 2021, the documentary describes the formation and early years of the band and includes other never-before-seen material.

Speaking to Appetite For Distortion, Jason Bonham revealed that he watched the documentary and felt weird after hearing his father’s voice. The drummer stated that he didn’t remember his father sounding like that, and his mother also agreed with him. Bonham then said he realized it was because the tapes were worn out through the years.

During the conversation, Jason Bonham said the following:

“I watched the documentary titled ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin.’ I got to see a preview of it before it goes to whoever’s releasing it. And the weirdest thing for me was hearing my dad’s voice. It goes from birth to ‘Led Zeppelin II’ for each member. Robert narrates his own story, Jim narrates his own story, and Jones narrates his own story. So, when it came to [John Bonham], I looked to my wife. I mean, how are they going to do this at that point?

I had to squeeze my wife’s hand because suddenly, it started, and all I could think was, ‘I don’t remember him sounding like that.’ That was really weird. I was convinced that maybe the tape they’d be using was slightly too fast as if through transition, through the years, it had worn. Because it was like just the tiniest bit. After that, I remember I said to my mom, ‘You’ve seen the things.’ She said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Did you think that was dad’s voice?’ and she said, ‘I thought it was a little different too.’

So, I was right because I was like, ‘How do I not remember him sounding like that?’ Later on, there’s the other bits that you go ‘Okay, yeah, that’s him,’ but there was a couple of parts where I was like, ‘I think the tape had just worn through the years, and it needed to be adjusted slightly — slower for his timber and his voice.'”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.