James Jesse Dupree Defends Brian Johnson’s Indispensability In AC/DC

In the most recent episode of ‘AC/DC Beyond The Thunder‘ podcast, Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree opened up about the hard times Brian Johnson faced while with AC/DC. Dupree revealed that he cannot imagine anyone replacing Johnson until he can’t breathe anymore.

The frontman said:

“I was with Brian during the last show AC/DC played together. I’m not going to speak of that because it’s not my place, but I never could fathom that Brian’s not the lead singer of AC/DC. As long as he’s living and breathing and walking and talking, I have a hard time accepting anybody else do it.”

Dupree then mentioned what the frontman did when he was away from the tour due to his hearing issues. Finding it to be ridiculous, Dupree revealed:

“If you’d have told me back then that Brian would be sleeping in my young daughter’s bed with Winnie The Pooh murals on the wall, I would have just lost it.”

The frontman needed to rest and was forced to leave the 2016 tour due to hearing issues. The tour took place with Axl Rose replacing Johnson. Johnson revealed he couldn’t bring himself to watch the performance since it felt like ‘finding a stranger in your house sitting on your favorite chair.’

Despite the frontman’s health issues, the band is set to perform at the Power Trip Festival on October 6.