James Hetfield Shows His Stranger Things-Inspired Costume For Halloween

Many artists celebrated this year’s Halloween with spooky costumes, and Metallica’s James Hetfield decided to dress up as the star of his favorite series this year. Recently, Papa Het took to his Instagram to reveal that he became the Stranger Things icon Eddie Munson for Halloween.

Stranger Things’ fourth season finale made the headlines with Eddie Munson’s performance of the Metallica classic ‘Master Of Puppets.’ Following the series’ use of their hit, Metallica entered the US Billboard Hot 100 and became mainstream again. Besides, the scene became a fan favorite with hundreds of posts on social media.

“Eddie Munson says Happy Halloween!” said James Hetfield in the caption of his Instagram post. In the picture, he struck Eddie Munson’s iconic pose, looking like a devil with his tongue out. Many of his fans liked Hetfield’s new look and expressed their happiness with seeing the legendary frontman as their favorite Stranger Things character.

Previously, Metallica had posted a TikTok video in which they played ‘Master Of Puppets’ alongside Eddie Munson’s performance in split-screen. So, it’s safe to say that the band has embraced the use of their music in the popular series and felt honored to contribute to Stranger Things with their classic hit.

Speaking to Joseph Quinn, who portrayed Eddie Munson in the series, James Hetfield once revealed he and his kids were big fans of Stranger Things. As he was a metalhead as well, Quinn felt honored to hear that from the frontman. In the end, seeing Hetfield as Eddie Munson brought Metallica and Stranger Things fans together.

Photo Credit: James Hetfield – Instagram