James Hetfield Describes His Feelings About The Passing Of The Person Who Discovered Metallica

The official Instagram page of Metallica shared a post revealing what frontman James Hetfield had to say about the loss of the co-founder of Megaforce Records Marsha Zazula, apparently, Marsha was like a mother to Hetfield and the whole band in addition to making sacrifices just because she believed in them.

As you may know, Marsha and Jon Zazula, the founders of Megaforce Records, welcomed the members of Metallica in their New Jersey home and basically took care of every member prior to the release of their first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ which was released by Megaforce Records.

If it weren’t for The Zazulas, maybe none of Metallica’s music would be here since back in that day, Marsha and Jon Zazula were the only ones who ever believed them to be great artists and started a company to release a risky album. While their courage paid off, the couple became one of the most important people who contributed to the success of Metallica.

Recently, the tragic news has been announced by Megaforce Records and it was revealed that Marsha Zazula passed away at her home in Florida on Saturday, at the age of 68 after her battle with cancer. The devastating news broke everybody’s heart, however, in addition to her family, Metallica members also were deeply shaken as it seems via their farewell messages.

Metallica shared a post on their official Instagram page revealing the farewell message of frontman James Hetfield as he stated that Marsha Zazula was like the band members’ mother when they did not have one, and she made sacrifices along the way due to her strong belief in Metallica according to Hetfield. In addition to this, he thanked Marsha for everything and sent his love and positive energy to the Zazula family.

Here is what Hetfield said:

“‘Marsha Z is the Metal Matriarch of the East Coast. She was our mother when I had none. She made great sacrifices for Metallica to grow. Thank you, Marsha. Love and positive energy to the Zazula family.’ — James Hetfield”

In addition to this, the official Instagram page of Metallica shared an old picture of James Hetfield with Marsha Zazula on their post and fans are thrilled to see a fond memory of the two together since there is a giant smile on Hetfield’s face.