James Hetfield Asks Fans Not To Judge Metallica Before Playing ‘Inamorata’

Metallica recently performed their longest song live for the first time. The 11-minute track is called ‘Inamorata’ and it is from their 11th studio album, ’72 Seasons.’ The band, currently on the ‘M72’ tour across Europe in support of the album, debuted the song on May 26 in Munich, Germany.

Before playing the song live for the first time ever, James Hetfield asked the fans not to judge them. He said:

“This next song, we have never, ever played live before. And, you know, in our band we don’t recognize the word ‘mistake’, because there are no mistakes, there’s just unique moments that happen, all right? That’s what we need to tell ourselves. This one is from ’72 Seasons’. It’s one of my favorites, so I’m gonna like it.”

What The Song Is About

Hetfield himself penned the lyrics for ‘Inamorata.’ He discussed the inspiration behind the track in the ’72 Seasons’ track-by-track breakdown video. Apparently, it’s about ‘having a love affair with misery.’ During the discussion, he also mentioned that it fit right into their latest album as the last track and that he loves its riffs and grooves.

In another interview with So What! fan-club magazine, Hetfield talked about the lyrics for ‘Inamorata’ and what they meant for him:

“That whole song, you know, misery as my mistress, and I’m trying to hide her. I enjoy her at certain times, but I don’t want the world to know about her. I don’t want to introduce her to the world because it’s not okay. So misery as a mistress, it does serve a purpose in my life, but I don’t want it to be my life, and I’m tired of it running my life.”

You can see the footage from the live show below.