Jacoby Shaddix Supports Sebastian Bach For Skid Row Reunion

Jacoby Shaddix wants Sebastian Bach to get back in Skid Row.

The Papa Roach singer recently sat down with 101 WRIF for a new interview. During the chat, the topic switched to Skid Row and Lzzy Hale’s role in the band. When the host mentioned how Hale is such a good fit for the band, the singer added:

“Yeah, for real.”

Shaddix then sent a message to Sebastian Bach, the original Skid Row singer:

“It would be cool if Sebastian would sing for Skid Row. Why can’t they just bury the hatchet and just rock it, man?”

Why Hale But Not Bach?

Skid Row said in late March that Hale would join them for the next four gigs after Erik Grönwall left. Later in a chat with Fox 26 reporter Ruben Dominguez and Margot Hogan, Rachel Bolan talked about why they picked Hale instead of Bach as their new singer. The bassist shared why they believed Hale is the ideal match for Skid Row for the first few shows:

“Lzzy, she is her own person. We asked her not for any other reason than how good she is and how powerful she is and how much she means to people. And I’ve gotta be completely honest. I knew this was gonna get attention, but I didn’t know people were gonna be snapping out.”

Hale Wants To Keep Going

Hale herself also hinted at the possibility of continuing with the band and the chance of more shows down the line. She said:

“I love doing it. I am sure even from all of the small videos that people have been posting around. I have a blast. So it isn’t a burden for me. In the wake of all the studying I’ve been doing [laughs]. I only do it for time. So I’m definitely willing to take a step at it whether that be a permanent fixture or not. We will see absolutely because schedules… That’s where we are keeping it with Rachel. If I can, I will.”

See the interview below.