Jacoby Shaddix Shares Papa Roach’s Endgame Goal: ‘Join The Next Big Four’

Jacoby Shaddix recently joined an interview with Germany’s Rock Antenne and talked about the goals he wanted to achieve with Papa Roach.

The frontman revealed the things he thinks they need to do in their career:

“I think, eventually, at some point in our time, the stadium tour. At some point in our career. That’s the major goal. That’s like the endgame goal. I’ve been talking to some friends and other bands about these things because we saw Metallica, the Big Four, go out and do that. I’m like, ‘All right, who the f*ck is the next Big Four? ‘I want to be a part of that, and that’s something for me. That is definitely a goal. I think that it’s something in our career we can pull off.”

Shaddix Thinks Papa Roach Could Be The Next Metallica

In July 2023, during an interview with Lazer 103.3, Shaddix compared Papa Roach to Metallica. He thinks Papa Roach might carry on Metallica’s legacy. The singer explained:

“We’re watching Metallica step into that Rolling Stones spot right now. And Foo Fighters are another one of those groups. And Korn, Papa Roach, and Deftones, we’re like the next Metallicas. You know what I mean? That’s it. We’re stepping into that spot now.”

He then explained how to reach that position:

“It just comes to, I guess, being able to survive the treachery of this rock and roll life. And if you can do that and still continue to create good art and good music, then we can get into that space.”

What The Band Aims In Music Release

According to Shaddix, the one thing that could end their career is losing authenticity. He said the following in an interview with Audacy Music last year:

“I have this childlike faith, this drive that that’s gonna happen. Keep making music that’s authentic, keep making music that feels like it’s got a purpose. I think we became a parody of ourselves, that’s when we gotta pull the plug.”

Papa Roach released their latest album, ‘Ego Trip,’ in April 2022. In a previous chat with the Behind The Setlist podcast, Jacoby said they might focus on releasing one song at a time. So, a full album is not on their plans for now.

Watch the singer’s full interview below.