Jack White On Mass Shootings, ‘I’m Exhausted With The Ignorant Excuses’

Former White Stripes frontman Jack White recently took to his Instagram page to reveal his thoughts on mass shootings, expressing his exhaustion over ‘ignorant excuses.’

On May 24, 2022, an 18-year-old man opened fire in a school in Texas and massacred nineteen children and two teachers in America’s latest mass school shooting. The incident took place at the Robb Elementary School, and it marks the deadliest mass school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Jack White has been on tour to support his fourth and fifth studio albums titled ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ and ‘Entering Heaven.’ In Detroit, Michigan, ‘The Supply Chain Issues Tour’ kicked off on April 8, 2022, and will conclude on August 29, 2022, in Kansas City, Missouri. Recently, the musician visited Texas for a couple of dates.

After the shows in Texas, Jack White decided to touch upon the Robb Elementary School shooting. He stated that he feels sad and exhausted about the mass shootings due to the ignorant excuses about the government’s inability to fix this issue. White said freedom is less important when lives are lost, calling for greater gun control in America.

White then stated that most Americans demand new gun control rules that save lives and protect ones from serious harm. The singer also added that the heroes who save lives with guns are only in old westerns, and the government helps facilitate an environment where such mass shootings will happen again.

In his Instagram post, Jack White stated the following:

“As we tour in Texas these past few days, I can’t help but feel saddened in so many ways about the latest in a long line of mass shootings, but mostly I’m exhausted. Exhausted with the ignorant excuses about the inability to fix this problem, exhausted with people clinging to their political party or their ‘side’ instead of looking at the issue. Exhausted with people whining about their ‘freedom’ being more important than rules that help save lives.

We already have rules like the traffic light on the road, the warning label on poison, or the regulation of who can buy sticks of dynamite or own a surface-to-air missile, haven’t you noticed? So how about a few more rules that also save lives and protect us from serious harm? Maybe rules that save your children or loved ones’ lives someday? The majority of Americans, I repeat, the majority, regardless of political party association, are outraged and demanding new rules.”

He then continued:

“Here is something to remember; your family member or friend who wants to rant about the second amendment doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They live inside a type of fear that you shouldn’t want to live under. The ‘hero with a gun saving the day’ nonsense is for old westerns. And it’s not the size or the material that the door on the building is made of; it is the fact that people can get around that door with weapons in their hands that they should have never been allowed to possess.

You’re in a governmental position of power, and you’re not doing anything to stop this and implement new rules for this country? Then you are helping facilitate an environment where you can expect it to happen again. God bless the victims and the families of the victims in their pain.”

Below, you can see Jack White’s picture in his Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Jack White – Instagram