Jack White Explains His No-Phone Policy At His Live Shows

During a recent appearance on the YouTube channel of Audacy, former White Stripes frontman Jack White expressed that he tries to form a different kind of connection between himself and the audience with his no-phone policy at his concerts.

Jack White had announced through the end of last year that he would be back with two solo albums in 2022. The first of these, ‘Fear of the Dawn,’ arrived on April 8, 2022, while the second record, ‘Entering Heaven Alive,’ just dropped on July 22. The singer has been currently touring worldwide in support of his fourth and fifth solo studio albums. The Supply Chain Issues Tour kicked off on April 8 in Detroit, Michigan, and is scheduled to end on October 16 in Santiago, Chile.

Jack White made the headlines in the past when he revealed that he didn’t have a cell phone and also banned the use of mobile phones at his live shows. There is also no exception from his no-phone policy in his recent tour. The rocker demands his audience put their cell phones aside during the live gigs since he doesn’t want them to be a distraction that prevents people from focusing on the shows.

During a new conversation, the interviewer addressed this issue by praising his policy for allowing the audience to share a moment together. Then, Jack White stated that it is not because he hates mobile phones. He just wants to establish a different bond between himself and the audience by blocking them from using their phones during his live performances. Thus, he gets the chance to interact with the audience more. The singer is happy that people who come to his concerts are having such an experience.

Jack White addressing his no-phone policy:

“It is no hate really about cell phones. It’s just the idea of just being able to be everyone can bond together in a different way. We find so many people afterward saying, ‘It was amazing’ because, between bands, I turned into a stranger actually. I started talking about a band I liked, and he mentioned an album they made, and here I was talking about music again with a stranger, just like we used to do at shows. That’s perfect, that’s great. I’m glad people are having those experiences.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.