Markus Grosskopf On Helloween Creating The Power Metal Genre

The world of power metal owes a lot to the influential German band Helloween, who many consider to be the pioneers of the genre. In a recent chat with Metal Edge, Helloween’s bassist, Markus Grosskopf, shared his thoughts on the band’s impact on power metal and how they continue to inspire new generations of musicians.

Over the years, Helloween has left an indelible mark on the metal scene. Their unique blend of melodic riffs, catchy hooks, and powerful, soaring vocals has defined the power metal genre and paved the way for countless bands. Grosskopf recently admitted that assessing Helloween’s influence on power metal is no easy task.

However, he acknowledged that the band seems to have played a significant role in the genre’s creation and development. He expressed gratitude for the fact that, even after 40 years, their sound continues to captivate and inspire young bands. Helloween sees themselves as a source of inspiration for others, just as they once took inspiration from bands of the ’70s.

The challenge, according to Grosskopf, lied in continuing to innovate without repeating themselves. He believes that, for the most part, Helloween has managed to avoid this pitfall, which he attributes to the band’s creativity. There’s no hidden formula to their success – it’s all about staying true to their roots and channeling their creativity.

The bassist’s words on their influence on power metal:

“I don’t know… that’s so hard to judge. It seems to be something that we created, and it just kept developing from there. And now, over 40 years later, it’s still here, which is something that we never expected. To have young bands still coming along and saying, ‘We love this sound; it’s something that we still want to try,’ is very gratifying for us. I guess I see Helloween as an inspiration to other bands, just like we took inspiration from bands coming out of the ’70s.

I guess we’re still trying to do that, but of course, without repeating ourselves. But that’s never easy, and it’s always the challenge we face whenever we decide to do another record. It’s hard to do what we do without repeating ourselves, but we do our best. I think, for the most part, we don’t. And I think that it’s a testament to our creativity. Look, there’s no secret behind what we do – it’s all very apparent. But it’s real, and it comes from a very creative place.”

So, Helloween’s impact on the power metal genre is undeniable. Grosskopf’s humble and thoughtful reflections on the band’s influence and their ongoing struggle to stay fresh in the ever-evolving metal scene reveal the dedication and passion behind their music. Helloween’s legacy, which spans over four decades, is a testament to their creativity and their unwavering commitment to producing powerful, inspiring music. It’s no wonder that, even today, their sound continues to resonate with fans and inspire new generations of metal bands.