Sophie Lloyd Reacts To Slash’s Collaboration With Fergie

Machine Gun Kelly guitarist Sophie Lloyd picked the albums that changed her life in an interview with Metal Hammer. During the conversation, Lloyd mentioned how the record Slash released with Fergie, ‘Beautiful Dangerous,’ influenced her new album, ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ Lloyd explained her reaction to Slash’s unusual work by stating:

“When I first heard Slash’s Beautiful Dangerous with Fergie, I knew what path I wanted to take my career down. My new album wouldn’t exist if I’d never heard this song. Slash made me realize it was possible to be an established guitarist without having to be a vocalist. And it really inspired me how Slash tailored his playing to each person featured. For Fergie, the guitar feels sexy – it has this feminine, powerful edge to it.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist released his self-titled solo album, ‘Slash,’ back in 2010. The album featured Fergie’s vocals on ‘Beautiful Dangerous,’ in addition to Slash’s collaborations with Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister.

Lloyd Almost Quit Playing The Guitar

The young guitarist experienced a dark time over guitar playing during her second year of music school. Sophie explained in a previous interview with Guitar magazine that she lost her excitement about the guitar due to the school. She mentioned that hearing an Avenged Sevenfold song made her realize how to bring back her passion for music again. The guitarist explained:

“I almost quit guitar completely after my second year of music school; I was gonna drop it all and go do science instead. Such a 180 flip. I came home one day and heard my roommate playing an Avenged Sevenfold song [‘Scream’], and I realized I hadn’t played any music that I liked in about two years. I’d only played what I thought I should be playing to learn guitar; I’d only played scales up and down for two hours, and a jazz piece I had to learn for school. That unlocked my love for playing again. That was the single reason why I didn’t quit.”

Fortunately, Sophie decided to continue playing guitar and made herself a name by working with Machine Gun Kelly. She released her debut album, ‘Imposter Syndrome,’ via Autumn Records on November 10th.

You can listen to Slash’s ‘Beautiful Dangerous’ featuring Fergie and Sophie Lloyd’s ‘Imposter Syndrome’ on YouTube below.