Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Shares The Summer Tour Dates Of His Solo Show

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson announced his solo shows by sharing a new post on Iron Maiden’s official Instagram account.

As you might already know, Iron Maiden decided to postpone their Legacy Of The Beast tour one more time through 2022 due to the coronavirus outbreak and saddened the community.

Even though Iron Maiden will be separated from the fans for another year, Bruce Dickinson could be a surprise gift for the fans as he announced his solo tour, ‘An Evening With Bruce Dickinson.’

This tour has only six events so far only in the United Kingdom. Although these won’t be musical shows, the Iron Maiden fans will be pleased to spent time with their legendary singer at these events. starting in August 2021.

Here is the official announcement:

Bruce is taking his ‘Evening With’ show out on the road this summer!”

You can check out the poster that Iron Maiden shared below.

Photo Credit: Iron Maiden – Instagram